Dear parent of a child just diagnosed with diabetes,

I would never have thought that 5 years ago on 3/1/2005, after taking my daughter to her pediatrician, I would hear, "You need to take your child to Children's National Medical Center right away." After hearing her blood sugar was too high to register on their meter, I was completely blown away. I lost all sense of mind and didn't know what to do. At Children's National, they took her blood sugar and said it was 847. Normal blood sugars should run between 80 - 120. At that time, I didn't know what that meant.

Everything happened so quickly. I didn't know what was going on. I was so nervous, I made my daughter nervous. Thank God for my sister who has more patience with her than I do. She takes not so good news and makes the best of it. When I left Raven's room, she was scared and crying. They had given her insulin. I left my sister with Raven and went outside for a breath of fresh air. When I came back to the room, they were talking and she explained everything to Raven. I felt a little better.

We stayed at the hospital for 24 hours. In that time we had to see a nutritionist, learn how to draw and give each other insulin. Raven took this whole experience like a champ. Me, being the mom, didn't do too well. Coming home, filling prescriptions, needles, insulin, blood sugar monitors, glucagon kits; all of this had to be purchased. We counted carbohydrates and watched what she ate. It took me six months to adjust to all of this, but after time, things did get better. Trust me, no one, I mean no one, could be more scared than I was.


Raven's mom, Jean



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