Dear parents of a child born with a hypoplastic right heart,

We are just writing to let you know that miracles are possible and happen every day through the life-saving medical care provided by Children's National, so do not fret.

We were informed at the 20-week ultrasound that there was something wrong with our baby's heart, but the gynecologist was not sure what the issue was. She offered us the possibility of ending the pregnancy, which we firmly refused. Once we got back home from her office, we went for a walk to talk, and came upon an angel of a neighbor, who being a cardiac nurse, listened to us and immediately put us in touch with Children's National. The preliminary diagnosis happened on a Friday afternoon and by the next morning, we had a Monday morning appointment with a cardiologist. During that visit, we were informed that the baby's heart was underdeveloped and that there were a series of surgeries that could be done after birth that would correct the defect.

We then immediately found a high-risk obstetrician at Washington Hospital Center, who delivered our son, Ian, via C-section following an otherwise uneventful pregnancy. He was then immediately transported next door to Children's National. The care and love that Ian (and we) have experienced ever since that day in September 2003 is unbelievable. Each nurse, technician, doctor, and administrator that we dealt with has truly cared about our son's health and gone that extra mile to make sure that the best prognosis was in reach. With the continuing care of Craig Sable, MD, and Richard Jonas, MD, (Ian's cardiologist and surgeon, respectively), Ian's prognosis is great.

At age 7, Ian is a happy and very active little boy. Not many people know about his heart condition as he takes his heart medicine (one in the morning and in the evening, along with an aspirin in the morning), so there are no outward indications of his condition, other than his tell-tale scar. Ian enjoys Taekwondo (non-contact), swimming, soccer, ice skating, and field hockey. Ian was too young to remember the hospitalizations and surgeries, but he is aware of the fact that he takes heart medicine for a heart condition. We visit the cardiologist every 6 months and otherwise, our little miracle is thriving just like any other child.We wish the very same outcome for you and your child!


Grateful parents, Ivy and Roberto

Ian at Disney World, April 2011
Ian at Disney World, April 2011


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